Saturday, August 10, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 30

Today was our last day in Ireland and we started the day by going to a library. The Old Library at Trinity College is where the Book of Kells and other old Bibles are on display. While I was waiting in the queue Sue sat near the entrance to wait for me and took a couple of photos.

An interesting sculpture in the middle of the square

The queue
That's me on the other side of the square wearing the blue shirt and beige pants

The entrance to the library
On the way out of Dublin we saw some interesting sights.

Bridges that open with a cantilever action

Another strange sculpture
We found another bridge with the centre support and cables either side.

I had wanted Sue to get a photo looking straight up through the skylight but she didn't get the message in time.

Sue took this photo of the cows but I quite like the background scenery

Another roundabout sculpture, this one near Larne
We've seen a lot of different rock formations and other scenery around Ireland and had a number of interesting conversations with the locals but now it's time to head back to Scotland. We have to get up very early tomorrow as we're being picked up at about 6:15am.


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