Thursday, August 8, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 28

The end of the 4th week of our holiday and we're in Waterford, where they make some very fine crystal. We would buy some if we could afford it but the best we can do is get our picture taken with some.

On the way from Cork we managed to take a few photos. We found some friendly cows for for the "cow of the day" photo we're doing for a friend that likes cows. We didn't realise how friendly they were until Sue got out to take their photo. First one came over to get a closer look, then another, and soon we had quite a group. We think they may have been coming over to see what Sue was laughing about.

We also saw an old church with some well groomed bushes out the front.

We crossed a very wide river.

Looked out over a bay.

Or two.

Saw an anchor in the middle of a roundabout.

On arriving at Waterford, we saw a clock.

A round building.

A statue.

Another church.

And some ruins.

We also visited a few yarn shops. I still haven't found a 0.5mm hook for Bruce. The smallest I can find is a 0.6mm and I know he already  has one of those.

Tomorrow we head up to Dublin, and who knows what we will find on the way.


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