Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 47

Today we had planned on going to Launceston to catch a train and then on to Lynton to check out the water powered cliff railway before driving to Lands End. After going on the train in Launceston we decided that it would take too long to see both the cliff railway and Lands End so we decided to just go to Lands End.

Here are some of the Photos we took today.

Crossing the Tamar River into Cornwall

The engine that was doing all the work

The station at the end of the line

Getting ready for the return trip

We didn't actually stop hear, just passed through

Looking into the engine from the carriage

This is where we began our train journey today

The view from Lands End looking west








We had some great views on the way back

And some long queues

a few bridges to go under or over

and some beside us

and even some churches
Tomorrow we are having a day off, maybe do a bit of shopping in the morning, visit a chiropractor in the afternoon (climbing in and out of baths has caused Sue a few problems) and generally relax, so don't expect any photos.


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