Saturday, August 17, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 37

Today we drove from Manchester to Bangor and we are now in Wales. On the way here we saw some watch towers, a couple of castles, a walled town and some rugged coast line.

Here are some of thew photos we took today.

Crossing the boarder

A bridge that Sue liked

We came over a hill and saw this view

A church that we saw beside the road

One of many watch towers along the way

The beach at Rhos-on-Sea looking west

The beach at Rhos-on-Sea looking east
After stopping at Rhos-on Sea we went back to check out a castle we had seen on the way. The access to it was through a caravan park that doubles as a farm and through Abergele Golf Course.

Some goats and a rabbit on the farm

Gwrych Castle - part 1

Gwrych Castle - part 2

Gwrych Castle - part 3

Gwrych Castle - part 4
Hopefully "Auto-Awesome" will do the same with these photos as it did with the ones I took from Edinburgh Castle.

The entry to the caravan park
We then moved onto Conwy and checked out the castle there.

The entry to Conwy Castle

I'm pretty sure this is a recent addition as those arches are over railway tracks

Conwy Castle

The view to the west of the castle entrance

The view to the east
Unfortunately there were limited places to stop otherwise we would have more photos of the walls and ramparts around Conwy.

The coastline between Conwy and Bangor is so rugged that the only way to get from around in places is to actually go through.

An outcrop of rock ahead

The first of 2 tunnels

Rugged coutryside

The second tunnel
On arriving at Bangor the GPS tried to take us to the wrong side of a roundabout but I had already checked a close-up of the area on Google Maps and seen where we needed to go, not that Google Maps always gets it right but I had an indication that the GPS woundn't when I asked Google Maps for directions using only the postcodes.

Tomorrow we drive to Llanberis to catch a train up Mt Snowdon. We should get plenty of good photos on that trip.


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