Friday, August 9, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 29

Today we headed up the east coast of Ireland, from Waterford to Wexford and then up to Dublin. We didn't do a lot of sightseeing on the way but we did cross a harbour bridge and go under an arched bridge.

Here are some of the photos from today's drive.

A watch tower and a toy train
 I'm not sure which excited Sue more.

Another type of train

Another tower

Another roundabout sculpture
I'm not sure is this was on a roundabout or not,
we only saw it from a distance

The bridge we paid to go over yesterday

The bridge end on
It's quite a nice bridge but if I had realised yesterday that we would have to pay to go over it I would have avoided it.

The Dunbrody at New Ross
You can read all about it at its website.

Going over the harbour bridge at Wexford

The view from Sue's side of the car

Looking across the harbour
As we approached Dublin we saw a couple of interesting looking hills.

An arched bridge near where we are staying
We seem to be doing quite a few U turns. Our accommodation for tonight is just to the right of where that last shot was taken, but we had to drive about 2 mile up the road and do a U turn to get to it.

Tomorrow morning we're going to try and get a look at the Book of Kells before we head back to Larne and prepare for our trip back to Scotland.


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