Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 34

Today it was time to leave bonnie Scotland and head back to England before going into Wales, but before we crossed the border we mad a couple of stops. The first was at Falkirk to check out the Falkirk Wheel. Here are some of the photos from today.

This rock has 3 elephants carved into it, 1 on this side and 2 on the other

The viaduct

The wheel

Looking at the viaduct from the top of the wheel

A tunnel under the railway lines

Looking from the tunnel along the viaduct toward the wheel

Another sculpture

An interesting hedge carving

Heading south on the M74 
We needed to break the journey somewhere (170 mile of motorway can be very tiring) so we stopped at Gretna Green where we saw some more sculptures.

Shortly after leaving Gretna Green we crossed the border back into England on our way to Blackpool. We're only stopping here for one night so we took a tram ride along the beach and found one amusement arcade after another. These next couple of photos were taken near the hotel where we are staying.

We are going to have another look at the beach in broad daylight before heading down to Manchester.


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