Monday, August 5, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 25

This morning we decided to do a little backtracking as we had been told that "Horseshoe Valley" was quite good. It was just as spectacular as other places we've been on this trip. Here are some of the photos we took.

Looking to the southwest we see the north side of Benbulbin

The view looking back down the valley towards the sea

Looking east

The southern end of the valley

A closer look at the north side of Benbulbin

The seem to be quite a few of these around the valley
After leaving the valley and heading for the highway we came across a sign that indicated that there was a castle on the other side so we headed towards it. Unfortunately, we ran out of road without finding it.

The view at the end of the road
After getting back of the highway we saw a sign indicating car and coach parking ahead and then saw the church but didn't really connect the two until we found something in the churchyard that made this place somewhat tourist worthy.

Beneath bald Benbulbin's head

in a Drumcliff churchyard

Yeats is laid
The words were taken from a sign in the coffee shop nearby.

They have a different breed of busker around here

This was just across the road from the entry to the car park
We are now in Galway in one of 8 B&Bs that are in a street of about 13 houses, and they were all full last week.

Tomorrow we head for Cork, and, if the pamphlets in the foyer are anything to go by, there is plenty to see between here and there. I'm not sure how much of it we're going to see but I'm sure we will have plenty of photos.


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