Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holiday Diary - Days 32 and 33

Yesterday morning we headed into Glasgow for a look around. We caught one of the explorer buses and got a commentary on where we were and where we were going. Here are some of the photos from our trip to Glasgow.

The hills near Stirling, taken on our way into Stirling to catch the train

Stirling Castle

A statue of Livingston

One of many old buildings we saw on the tour
After getting back from Glasgow Sue made a call to Edinburgh to see if we could get a taxi up to the castle and managed to arrange a vehicle pass which we picked up when we got to Waverly Station. The Taxi dropped us off on the parade ground and we were amongst the first gain entry. Here are some of the photos we took during the evening.

The view of the castle from our seats
The next few photos are the view from behind the stand where our seats were located.

And then the show began.

Those last couple are just a sample of the fireworks and my first attempt to take photos of fireworks.

Because we had to wait until almost everyone else had left before the taxis and other vehicles would allowed back onto the parade ground so we were among the last to leave. Unfortunately, we didn't get back to the station in time to catch  our train back to Stirling and we had to catch a different train to a relatively close town and then catch a taxi from there. Some walking, 27 pounds and  about 1 hour later we managed to get back to where our car was parked, so we didn't get to bed until about 2am. This meant the we weren't in much of a hurry to get going this morning and didn't get back into Edinburgh in time to take a tour of that city. We did manage to get there in time for lunch and the afternoon's performance of "Sincerely, Mr Toad". You will need to check Sue's facebook entries for more information on that.

On the way into Edinburgh we manage to get another couple of photos.

There are some interesting bridges around here

A statue on a bridge
Tomorrow we're going to go over to Falkirk to check out the Falkirk Wheel before heading down to Blackpool.


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