Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 54

Today we found another toy train to ride and a battle field to explore.

The railway is the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway. Here are some of the photos we on this trip.

The engine that we started the journey with after it pulled
the train into the station

Going to the other end of the train

Our starting point for today's train journey

Stop 1

Stop 2

Stop 3

Stop 4

Stop 5
The engine that took over pulling duties being turned around
 ready for the next trip

On the way we saw a few things of interest.

An old building in the distance

We crossed a few canals

We went through the only desert in Europe

We saw a nuclear power plant

and a light house

We went around a loop 

We saw a model train set in someone's backyard

We passed a lake

and a river
After lunch we drove to Battle to check out Battle Abbey.

The gate building as seen from the car park

A watch tower overlooking the battle field

A panorama of the battle field



The South West corner of the Dormitory

The lavitory

The walled garden




The remains of the cathedral

Ice storage

Dairy processing and storage

The north east end on the dormitory

I'm not sure whether this is the Abbey or Manor,
 I think it was used as both over the years

The gate and court house from the inside

A suit of armour

The gate from the outside
Tomorrow we're hoping to see Dover Castle and the white cliffs before heading up to Ipswich.


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