Thursday, September 5, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 56

We weren't going to do any sightseeing today but since it only took an hour to get from Ipswich to Lowestoft we decided to go to Dereham and catch a train before trying to find our next motel.

Here are some of the photos we took today.

The starting point for our latest railway journey

We traveled by DMU this time

The first stop

The second stop

We didn't actually stop here but I thought we would get a photo anyway

The third stop

End of the line

The abbey as seen from the train

The guard had to jump out and open the gates

Ready for the train to go through

Other diesels in the fleet
There is another train in this part of the country and we will try and find it tomorrow. I would also like to try and find some yarn shops as I don't have any samples of English wool yet and I'm still looking for that elusive 0.5mm crochet hook.


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