Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 69

Today we headed a little way north to Shipley to find Salts Mill. Salts Mill was originally a textile mill that handled the whole process from fleece to finished fabric, ready to be made into clothing or other items. These days the building houses an art gallery, restaurant and other shops as well as an electronics manufacturing firm. There was a small section that acted as a museum and gave the history of the mill and the town of Saltaire, which was pretty much where Shipley is now.

Part of the main building

The smoke stack for the steam engine

After visiting the Mill we went to find Shipley Station as Sue thought there was a steam tram running today but when the guy at the desk wanted 60+ pounds for the trip we figured that it wasn't worth it and that it was probably just the regular trains running. None of the historical trains charged anywhere near that amount.

Across the road  from the station was a Mcdonalds with a pleasant little creek next to it so we had lunch there.

Several bridges cross this creek
After lunch we decided to try and the Bradford Industrial Museum where we found quite a few different items of machinery.

An old crane next to the car park

Lots of old vehicles built by Jowett

A steam engine

A double decker tram

A trolly bus powered by electricity from overhead wires
There was quite a large workshop with several steam engines and machines that they powered with overhead belts and pullies.

A water wheel currently powered by an electric motor rather than water
The above water wheel currently runs the clock at the top of the picture.

Even Dr Who gets a display

We were a little disappointed about the train but I'm sure there will be more chances to ride steam trains in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we go to Gloucester via Bourneville. Sue wants to visit Cadbury's.


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