Thursday, September 12, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 63

Today was another travel day, but we did manage to check out a couple of things on the way.

Our first stop today was at the William Booth Birthplace Museum. Being Salvos, we couldn't leave the area without pay this a visit.

The front door of the Booth's house
This area is also known for its lace work and we found a couple of samples at the museum.

Here we are standing beside the statue of William Booth
that stands outside the museum
From there we drove to Sherwood Forest, the legendary home of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood and John Little (or little John if you prefer) fighting on a bridge
There were some nice wood carvings around the place

The Laughing Tree

The Major Oak - Robin Hood and his Merry Men are
supposed to have hidden inside the trunk
When we had finished there we drove to Doncaster Lakeside Travelodge where we will be spending the night and were greeted by this view from our window.

Tomorrow is another travel day as we go back to Middlesborough. There are a few things in the area that we are planning to look at while there so we should have a few good photos from around the area.


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