Monday, September 9, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 60

We had another quiet day here in Cambridge, a little on the chilly side with a smattering of rain, but we still went out and did our washing. I also managed to get a bit more crochet done, completing the crochet portion of the medium sized Christmas Stocking I have been working on since we got here.

After doing the laundry we had a wander around the shops in the area and had a bite to eat before heading back to the motel.

I decided that, since we weren't doing anything else, I would check out a couple of the local haberdashery stores. One of them was closed, which isn't really unusual for yarn stores on a Monday, but the other was open. Although the store was a similar size to Spotlight back home, minus the linen and other extras, it didn't have a great range of yarns and, especially for my requirements, didn't have the hook I was after, so I will have to keep looking (or buy it online).

We didn't take any photos today so this is all you get. We're off to Derby tomorrow, traveling via Wisbech to meet up with my Uncle Bill and his wife (I ashamed to say but I don't know my Aunt's name, I can't even remember it ever being mentioned). Hopefully we will see something photogenic on the way.


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