Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holiday Diary - Days 61 and 62

First off, sorry about not posting last night but we got back from dinner quite late last night and I didn't feel up to telling the world about it.

Yesterday started with a drive from Cambridge to Wisbech to visit Uncle Bill. We found his place quite easily with the help of the GPS and had a pleasant chat.

Our first port of call was just the other side of Wisbech

After lunch we drove to our next motel which is in Derby. After a short rest break we then drove to Lowdham to have dinner with my cousin, Tina, and her husband, Chris.

This morning we drove towards Loughborough but, after checking what time we were going to get there against the timetable, and after stopping for breakfast, we decided to head to Matlock to catch the Peal Rail train from Matlock to Rowsley. This train had two engines in a push-me pull-you set up. At one end they had a steam engine and on the other end they had a diesel.

The steam engine end

The start of out first train trip of the day

One of many bridge we passed under

Darley Dale signal box

The station masters house at Matlock
After this trip we drove to Loughborough to catch a train on the Great Central Railway from Loughborough Central to Leicester North.

The engine for our second train

Mail cars at Quorn & Woodhouse

I think this is the framework for the new station sign

A reservoir the train crosses 

We saw a model town complete with railway

The end of the line

The engine making its way to the other end of the train for the return trip

Sue decided we needed a shot of the other station sign at Quorn & Woodhouse

While sharing a meal with Tina and Chris last night a phone call was made to Tina's sister, Erica, and arrangements were made for us to visit her when we get down to her part of the country. It seems we were quite close when we were at Stonehenge but we hadn't been given any contact information at that time.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting Sherwood Forest and William Booth's birthplace (if we can find it) before heading for Doncaster.


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