Sunday, September 22, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 73

This morning we packed the washing into the car and headed for Dunstable with the intention of doing the washing after lunch, which would be after attending church at Dunstable Salvation Army Corps. Our reasons for choosing Dunstable was because that's where Tony and Sheila worshiped before moving to Australia.

We arrived there just before 11am and left just after 8pm. The reason for this is that it turns out that today was a special day for Dunstable Corps with an "All Comers Band Sunday", so I volunteered myself to join the band (so long as they could find me a trombone, which they did). This meant that after the service we headed for the local KFC for lunch, found a laundromat and put the washing in, then Sue drove me back to the corps for the afternoon practice session the drove back to the laundromat to finish the washing.

After practice the corps put on dinner which saved us the trouble of getting it ourselves.

The guest conductor for today's concert was Dean Jones, a name that most bandspeople should recognise as his name is on quite a few pieces that we play. It was a great day and we both enjoyed the afternoon and evening.

We didn't take our camera so all the photos were taken on someone else's, but they should appear on Facebook at sometime so those that are our friends should be able to see them.

Tomorrow we drive to Luton. We don't have any plans for any sightseeing but we may see something we want to take a closer look at, so who knows.


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