Friday, September 20, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 71

Today we got off to a late start and decided to check out the shopping centre next to the motel (it also happens to be where the care is parked). We didn't find anything of interest so we headed across the road to have some lunch and check out the Hobby Craft store nearby.

After this we drove to Filkins to check out Cotswold Woollen Weavers. We didn't take the camera so there are no photos but there wasn't really anything to take photos of. It was quite interesting and there was quite a bit there to see but the machines weren't being operated so we couldn't see them in action.

We still had a couple of hours to kill before we needed to be at cousin Janet's place so we drove into Swindon where we saw signs pointing us to Steam and Heritage Museum, so we followed them. Unfortunately we were a bit too late as they were just closing up when we got there. There is a good chance we will get back there tomorrow as it's not far out of our way to Milton Keynes.

So, the plan for tomorrow is to drive to Milton Keynes via Swindon, visit the steam museum and possibly catch a train that is also in that area. We will definitely have the camera with us for these so expect photos tomorrow night.


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